PWC on-water practical

PWC on-water practical session: (For your PWC jet ski practical session on the water the following will either be attempted or simulated and explained)


  1. Prestart checks Including:
    Fuel, throttle, steering, drain plugs, wrist strap and lanyard, compartments sealed, safety gear (PFD), registration, Ride Smart sticker, passenger briefing

  1. Ascertains correct depth of water for operation, start engine using correct technique, situation awareness – observes surroundings prior to getting underway

  1. Demonstrates compliance with the following:

IALA Buoyage system ‘A’

IRPCS (Collision Regulations)

Maintains a proper lookout

Local regulations


  1. Weather Conditions

Accessed current weather forecast

Continues to monitor weather and sea conditions

Demonstrates good seamanship skills for weather conditions


  1. Manoeuvring vessel:



Execute turns to port and to starboard

Figure of ‘8’

Drive into headwind

Handle effects of following sea

Cross wash of other vessel (varying speeds and angles)

Approach beach or boat ramp

Manoeuvre at varying speeds using engine controls

Manoeuvre on and off the plane


  1. Manoeuvres alongside a jetty / pontoon / installation

Controls speed and utilises wind / tidal stream current


  1. Brings PWC alongside a floating object


  1. Estimates distance 60 metres and speed of 6 knots

  1. Discusses correct measures to take in the event of an emergency drill

e.g. capsize and or obstruction in intake grate

            Participates in an emergency drill e.g. Avoiding a collision


  1. Ensures passenger safety at all times – brief during activities e.g. speed increase

  1. Participates in activities