Reasons why you should choose Albatross Boat Licencing Pty Ltd.
Vic and Dot Manskie would like to take this opportunity to welcome you onboard Albatross and explain why we are the best solution for your boat and jet ski licencing needs.
  • We are a Registered Training Organisation and conform to National Training Standards
  • We are fully endorsed by Maritime Safety Queensland to offer the BoatSafe training package
  • We offer free on-line training notes and a ‘Homework Study Guide’ that are easy to understand and prepares you for the course
  • Courses conducted by educational professionals who know how to explain the difficult parts so you can understand more fully
  • You will be trained in modern educational settings with state of the art technology
  • We use modern, safe, comfortable vessels for your on-water practical
  • We offer value for money and competitive rates
  • We have safety systems that are documented and regularly audited by Maritime Safety Queensland
  • We guarantee that you will be so well prepared by our professionals that you will pass first time
  • By the end of the course, you will know and be able to comprehend all of the basics needed to get you on the water safely
  • This website contains links that you can utilise at a later date to refresh your memory