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Albatross Boat Licencing

Your domestic and international boat and jet ski licencing provider.


About Us

Your training provider - Vic is an experienced educational professional and mariner with many years of sea faring experience. Albatross provides one day boat and jet ski licencing courses for beginners and experienced clients resulting in the issue of an international boat and jet ski licence.

What does Albatross offer?


Recreational Boat Licencing


Jet Ski Licencing

What our students are saying...

This business was recommended by a local Quintrex dealer Boats Galore. I did hold a NSW boat licence but didn't renew it when we sold our boat.
That was a plus for me as I learned much more from this course. Vic teaches not only the rules but why they are important to understand and offers memory aids for some confusing rules. Finally, Vic gave students a well organised practical session on some necessary boating skills.
My son will soon be doing this specific course .... if he wants to borrow my new boat. 😊

Graeme Jay


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Albatross Boat Licencing Pty. Ltd. is fully endorsed by Maritime Safety Queensland as a premium training provider of international boat and jet ski licence training and assessment.

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